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Titanfall dev posts Expedition DLC details for the War Games map

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment delivers the first detailed look at the upcoming Expedition DLC in an extensive blog post by designer Jason McCord. The post describes War Games, one of the three new maps that will be included in this first batch of add-on content since the game’s release in March. 

War Games is set in a training simulation that combines environments from the game’s Angel City, Rise, and Airbase maps, with all of them connected by a tissue of clean, Tron-like digital spaces. This provides a perfect platform for the games designers to play with “easy-to-read battle spaces and wallrun paths,” creating a sort of, “parkour playground,” as McCord describes it. The blog post includes an interesting heatmap (see it in the gallery above) that highlights the most wallrunning-heavy locations as seen from War Games’ play-testing, with a similar heatmap for Rise serving as a comparison.

The range of tactical situations created by the map’s diverse areas, combined with a fun new visual theme should make this one of the most diverse arenas yet, and this early look shows that Titanfall‘s designers are far from out of ideas to liven up your giant robot fights. Expedition is set for release sometime in May.

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