Trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division introduces the fight to take back NY

During Ubisoft’s Media Briefing event at E3, the developer debuted a new trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division, which unfolds in a post-apocalyptic New York after a flu epidemic has rendered the city a wasteland seemingly populated by survivors and those who prey on them. Players will take control of a member of the “civilian elite” who is activated three weeks after the release of the virus and tasked with discovering the secret of the epidemic.

In the trailer, we see the tragic evolution of the virus as it destroys a family, intimated by narration that gives you all you need to know without actually depicting the human characters’ suffering. The depressing sequence is broken up when a beaten survivor being pursued by thugs is rescued by a lone, armed agent who’s then joined by a group of other, heavily armed soldiers.

The moment of safety is quickly dampened when a fire breaks out behind the group and a massive garbage truck crashes into the intersection, accompanied by a mysterious group of heavily armored, masked soldiers wielding flamethrowers and other weapons.

The camera pans off, lingering on a makeshift banner hung from a roof urging survivors to take back NY. 

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