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Virgin Media 'Destiny 2' promotion gives customers a free Sparrow

virgin media sparrow destiny 2
Destiny 2 launches in a matter of days, and it’s fair to say that hype is reaching peak levels as gamers prepare for one of the biggest releases of the year. U.K. internet service provider Virgin Media is getting in on the excitement with some exclusive in-game content for its customers.

Guardians who receive their internet connection via Virgin Fibre will be rewarded with an exclusive Sparrow when the game is released next week. Sparrows are single-seater floating vehicles used to speed up long journeys, not unlike the speeder bikes seen in the Star Wars franchise.

Virgin Media’s exclusive Sparrow is dubbed Athena Victorious, and is decked out in the company’s red and white color scheme. The ISP pledges that it will allow Guardians to explore the various worlds included in Destiny 2 at “lightning speed” in a blog post published earlier today.

Destiny was a huge hit when it launched back in 2014. Players did complain about a lack of content, but that only goes to show how much demand there was for more of what was on offer. There’s a huge amount of anticipation for the sequel, and Virgin Media isn’t the only company looking to profit from the hype.

The first game ran a promotion in collaboration with Red Bull, offering players an extra quest obtained via codes printed on cans of the energy drink. This time around, Bungie has partnered with Monster and, bizarrely, Pop-Tarts, to ensure that Guardians exceed their recommended daily intake of sugar as they defend the earth.

The biggest video game releases have become increasingly reliant on this kind of advertising in recent years. Television ad campaigns and extended beta tests certainly play important roles in publicizing major titles, but now the offensive continues on supermarket shelves and in corner stores — and, apparently, in the form of freebies offered up by ISPs. Just last week, it was announced that subscribers to Comcast’s Xfinity internet service will get free access to the Call of Duty: WWII beta without the need for a pre-order.

Virgin Media customers will be able to get their hands on the Sparrow freebie on September 6, when Destiny 2 launches for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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