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The best MX Guardian loadout in Warzone

With the launch of Call of Duty’s Season 4 Reloaded update, players now have access to the new MX Guardian shotgun. This fully-auto shotgun is ideal for close-quarters engagements and is best used in smaller-game modes, as it only has 15 slugs in the “clip.” Below, we’ll list the best MX Guardian loadouts across Warzone and Modern Warfare 2, along with how to unlock the weapon.

How to unlock the MX Guardian

Activision is doing something new with the MX Guardian, requiring players to complete a series of battle pass challenges (rather than just one) to unlock the weapon. To earn the weapon, you need to complete the following challenges to earn each Sector Reward. Keep in mind, you can only gain progress toward these challenges by taking out real players, not AI.

  • Get 10 ADS Operator kills with shotguns
  • Get 10 hip fire Operator kills with shotguns
  • Get 10 headshot Operator kills with shotguns
  • Get 10 one-shot Operator kills with shotguns
  • Get 30 point blank Operator kills with shotguns

Alternatively, you can extract the MX Guardian from DMZ (which can be done by having a friend drop the weapon for you) to unlock it. You can also purchase the in-store bundle to gain access to the weapon.

The best MX Guardian Warzone loadout

The MX Guardian in Warzone.
Muzzle Bryson Improved Choke
Barrel MX-G Mobile
Laser Point-GP3 04
Underbarrel Bruen Warrior Grip
Magazine MX Pro Mag

Start with the Bryson Improved Choke Muzzle for tighter pellet spread and increased damage range, allowing you to land more shots from afar. Then, we recommend using the MX-G Mobile Barrel, which boosts your movement speed, damage range, and hip-fire accuracy.

Since this is a shotgun, you’ll want to improve its hip-fire accuracy as much as possible, and for that, we recommend the Point-GP3 04 Laser. Then, we recommend the Bruen Warrior Grip Underbarrel for a boost to hip-fire accuracy, hip recoil control, aim walking steadiness, and recoil steadiness. Finish the build with the MX Pro Mag for faster aim down sights (ADS) speeds and sprint to fire speed.

The best MX Guardian Modern Warfare 2 loadout

The MX Guardian in Modern Warfare 2.
Muzzle XTen Modified Choke
Barrel HYP-LM
Magazine MX Pro Mag
Rear Grip Stream-SK
Trigger Action Semi-Auto Trigger

For the Modern Warfare 2 build, you’ll want to approach things differently. Instead of using its full-auto option, we recommend swapping to semi-auto with a particular attachment.

Start with the XTen Modified Choke Muzzle for tighter pellet spread and increased damage range. Then, go with the HYP-LM Barrel for increased damage range, bullet velocity, recoil control, and hip-fire accuracy. After that, we recommend using the MX Pro Mag for the reasons mentioned above.

Then, go with the Stream-SK Rear Grip for faster sprint-to-fire speed and ADS times. Finish off the build with the Semi-Auto Trigger which converts the weapon to semi-auto rather than fully auto.

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