Watch six gory minutes of Bloodborne in action

watch six gory minutes bloodborne action crow

Sony has shared the Gamescom demo of Bloodborne, the PlayStation 4-exclusive action RPG from Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Check out six and half minutes of monster-hacking action as the game’s unnamed protagonist, looking for all the world like Vampire Hunter D, eviscerates monsters of increasing size throughout a drab, Victorian city.

Unlike the measured, defensive combat of Dark SoulsBloodborne‘s action is a little faster and more aggressive, but no less visceral. The video shows off various weapons as it progresses, including the previously-revealed switchblade “saw cleaver”, dual wielded with a pistol, and a much larger poleaxe. As a nice touch of realism, the protagonist’s coat appears to be increasingly soaked with blood as the fighting goes on.

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While From Software has not yet revealed the particulars, the studio has hinted at some form of multiplayer feature, which appears to come in at the end of the video when another character, similarly armed and dressed to the protagonist, steps in to help defeat the lumbering Cleric Beast.

Bloodborne will make its way exclusively to PS4 on March 31, 2015.