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Where to find every music disc in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake reintroduces players to the world of Midgar in an extraordinary way. The graphics have been updated and the game plays beautifully. The game is massive and the world is full of places to explore and treasure to find. One of the primary treasures that you can find is music discs.

Collecting all the music discs in Final Fantasy VII Remake allows players to unlock the Disc Jockey trophy, which brings you one step closer to getting the coveted Platinum trophy for the game. However, finding all 31 music discs is not an easy feat. There are a lot of places to check and a lot of hidden spots that you may have trouble locating.

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Disc locations

Finding where every disc is located can be troublesome. However, collecting the discs as you move through the game is the best way to collect them all. It will keep you from having to double back or accidentally missing the disc completely. The discs can be found starting in chapter 3, and at least one disc can be found per chapter. It is pretty easy to tell when you are close to the disc, as the music, which isn’t the music associated with the level, gets louder. Also, remember to bring about 50 gil along, as discs at vending machines and shops cost around 50 gil apiece.

final fantasy vii remake cloud barret

Also keep in mind that the disc numbers are not found in chronological order. So even though you will find Tifa’s Theme first, the disc number for this song is 03. So don’t panic if the numbers don’t make sense, you may not have missed a disc.

Chapter 3

The first disc you will find is Music Disc 03: Tifa’s Theme. Once in Seventh Heaven Bar, you have the opportunity to speak with Marlene. After speaking with the young, shy girl, head to the jukebox in the corner of the bar. Interacting with the jukebox will give you the first disc.

You’ll find the next disc, Music Disc 27: Hip Hop de Chocobo, after sleeping in your room. Once the day begins, but before heading to the Seventh Heaven bar, take a quick path to the right of the bar. Here, you’ll reach a club with a radio playing. Talk to the guy by the radio and he will just hand over the song.

Music Disc 01: The Prelude is the next disc that you will run into, as it is easily purchased from the item shop that you visit with Tifa. There will be a radio playing the song loudly. Simply speak to the shop keeper and purchase the song.

The final disc to pick up in chapter 3 is Music Disc 04: Barret’s Theme. After all the side quests are unlocked, head back to the train station where you first arrived in Midgar. The shop owner has the disc and is selling it for 50 Gil. You will also be able to get this disc at the beginning of chapter 4. So if you don’t feel like backtracking, then wait for the next chapter to begin to find the disc.

Chapter 5

The next disc, Music Disc 28: Stamp, can be found after fighting two Sentry Launchers in the Corkscrew Tunnel. You will find a side room nearby that has a vending machine. The fifth disc can be purchased here.

Chapter 6

Finding the sixth disc, Music Disc 18: Electric de Chocobo, can be a little tricky. After turning off all the 3 Sun Lamps, you’re supposed to head back to a large cargo elevator and head up. Instead, head west of the cargo elevator and head back towards where you entered to find a small elevator. Use the small elevator, which will move you toward where the fans are located. The first room you will enter has a vending machine that sells Electric de Chocobo.

Chapter 7

Music Disc 02: Bombing Mission is found after the game forces Cloud, Tifa, and Barret to push 3 switches simultaneously to open a door. Once the door is open, a vending machine can be found behind the door and you can purchase the disc.

Chapter 8

Once you have reached the train station, you can simply purchase Music Disc 21: Cait Sith’s Theme from the ‘Potions & Music’ vending machine.

Music Disc 28: Tango of Tears is found shortly after Aerith drops flowers off at the Leaf House. Once she drops the flowers off, check the building to the left of the Leaf House. There will be a Jukebox with the disc.

The next disc can be purchase from the Materia Stores in the slums. Simply speak to the shop keeper to purchase Music Disc 19: Costa del Sol.

Music Disc 20: Gold Saucer is also easily purchased. You’ll find this disc in the Moogle Shop.

Chapter 9

During the objective ‘Take the Shortcut’ you will face a few minigames with Aerith. After the second minigame, where you lifted Aerith with a mechanical arm, walk toward the end of the path. There, you will find a vending machine where Music Disc 22: Cosmo Canyon can be found.

Music Disc 10: Honeybee Inn is bought from the Item Shop in Wall Market.

While still in Wall Market, head up the road north of Chadley and head up the first set of stairs. You should be able to hear the music playing from above. Once at the top of the stairs, you will find a cowgirl. Talk to her to get Music Disc 17: Farm Boy.

After getting this disc, head towards the hotel then head towards the street south of the hotel. You will find a Jukebox that has Music Disc 08: Under the Rotting Pizza.

In the bar across from the gym (or on the street south of where Chadley is hanging out) you will find a karaoke singer. Simply talk to the singer and he will hand over Music Disc 29: The Midgar Blues.

Music Disc 26: Let the Battles Begin! (Remake) is the easiest music disc to miss. When at the Honeybee Inn, three Bee Ladies will offer you to play a dance tutorial. You have to accept and get a “Great” rating on all 10 button presses. If you do not get all 10 “Great” button timings, the dance tutorial can be repeated as many times as needed. Once you get all 10 Greats, watch the right side of the screen during the following cutscene. You’ll see an item pop up. Make sure to save manually before entering the Honeybee Inn in case you miss the item. This will ensure you can return very quickly to pick the disc up.

Once Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa reunite, you can purchase Music Disc 11: Don of the Slums from the vending machine in the room everyone wakes up in.

Chapter 10

After draining the aqueduct in the Sewer system, you’ll find Music Disc 09: The Oppressed int he vending machine.

Chapter 11

Music Disc 06: Let the Battles Begin! is located outside of the control room of the Maintenance Hall. The vending machine that holds this disc is right on the main story path and is difficult to miss.

Chapter 13

You can purchase Music Disc 15: On Our Way in an Item Shop in the Sector 6 slums. The shop will be found right near the Sector 7 entrance and is near the Evergreen Park area.

After fighting a large swarm of bugs, you’ll find a vending machine on the story’s path. Music Disc 14: Main Theme of FFVII is impossible to miss as player have to pass by this location to continue gameplay.

Chapter 14

In the Sector 5 Undercity Station, you will find an NPC who goes by the name of Johnny. Speak to him to get Music Disc 23: Descendant of Shinobi.

Music Disc 07: Turk’s Theme is purchased from an Old Woman who is near a lake just North of Wall Market. She’ll be looking for water by some ruins.

Inside of Wall Market hotel, speak with the Old Man next to the receptionist. The Old Man will give you Music Disc 16: Good Night, Until Tomorrow.

In the Souvenir Shop in the Colosseum entrance hall, you can purchase Music Disc 12: Fight On!

When facing the Honeybee Inn Entrance, head to the alley to the left of the entrance. There will be a girl in the alley who has Music Disc 30: Stand Up.

South of the Wall Market Colosseum, take a side path heading west. On the path will be an NPC  who has Music Disc 24: Wutai.

Music Disc 13: The Case is found in the sewers that follows the main objective path. While navigating the sewers, you’ll come across a tiny room with a vending machine that has this music disc. The vending machine is impossible to miss.

Chapter 15

When in the Central Tower 1F, you will find a vending machine that is impossible to miss. This vending machine has Music Disc 05: Lurking in the Darkness.

Chapter 16

The final disc that needs to be found is Music Disc 31: Scarlet’s Theme. This disc is to the right of the combat simulator. There will be a jukebox for you to interact with and get the final disc, completing the Disc Jockey achievement.

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