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Wii U sales surge in UK following Xbox One announcement

Wii U profits

Wii U sales appeared to surge in the United Kingdom following Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox One on Tuesday, Nintendo Life reported today. Nintendo Wii U premium bundle sales reportedly rose 386 percent on, moving it from sales rank 243 to number 50. It appeared at number seven on the retailer’s “movers and shakers” list, which catalogs items that see significant sales increases over 24-hour periods.

The Wii U no longer appears in the movers and shakers category at the time of this writing. Whether that means its appearance there was a glitch to begin with or that Wii U sales dropped off again as quickly as they caught on is unclear.

Speculate as you will. There’s no way to directly link the Xbox One announcement with surging Wii U sales, but the apparent proximity between the two can’t be denied.

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