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Crusader Kings 3, Weird West, and more coming to Game Pass

Game Pass users are getting access to another bundle of games later this month and losing access to some as well. Eight games are coming to Xbox Game Pass this month, including the highly anticipated, cowboy-filled real-time strategy game Weird West and medieval kingdom sim Crusader Kings 3. Those additions are balanced by Game Pass users losing access to three of Destiny 2‘s expansions early next month.

Weird West will be hitting Game Pass at the very end of the month, on March 31. The latest title from publisher Devolver Digital, Weird West combines the world of cowboys with fantastical monsters, all while giving players tons of options to approach every situation. Game Pass subscribers will be able to play the game for free on cloud, console, and PC.

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The only other notable addition in this month’s low-key lineup of games is Crusader Kings 3, which is coming to Game Pass on Xbox Series consoles on March 29. The critically acclaimed medieval kingdom sim lets players build their own dynasty, all while playing politics in courts throughout Europe.

Alongside these two titles, Game Pass users will have six other new games hitting their various libraries. Here’s everything else coming to Game Pass this month:

  • Shredders, March 17 (cloud, PC, Xbox Series consoles)
  • The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos, March 17 (cloud, console, PC)
  • Tainted Grail: Conquest, March 22 (console)
  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, March 22 (cloud, console, PC)
  • Norco, March 24 (PC)
  • F1 2021, March 24 (console)

As for games leaving Game Pass, users will have until the end of the month to get their fill of Madden NFL 20Narita Boy, and Shadow Warrior 2. However, the service’s biggest loss is coming on April 11, when three expansions for Destiny 2 — Beyond LightShadowkeep, and Forsaken — leave Xbox Game Pass for PC. That’s a ton of content that players are going to lose access to, and they will have to purchase it if they want to keep their current characters in the massively popular FPS. With Destiny 2‘s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, nowhere on Game Pass, the game will totally be removed from Microsoft’s subscription service following Bungie’s ongoing acquisition by Sony.

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