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Xbox One Sport Red Special Edition controller is a snazzy way to get your game on

There are plenty of options for controllers on the Xbox One, from the standard black to the variety of colors in Xbox Design Lab. If you’re looking for something a little more bold, however, the Sport Red Special Edition controller might be right up your alley.

The Xbox One Sport Red Special Edition controller, announced during Inside Xbox on February 5, features a bright red shell offset with darker shades of red for the control sticks and face buttons. On either handle, there is a grid-like pattern made up of triangles, and it also includes a metallic red directional pad. If you want to map the buttons to suit your playing style, you can use the customization tool in the Xbox Accessories app.

The back of the controller features rubberized grips, and a special charging stand in the same color is also going to be available on May 1. Made by Controller Gear, the stand includes a battery cover, rechargeable battery, and 6-foot charging cord, and it will retail for $50 at the Microsoft Store and other outlets. Standard Xbox One controllers support AA batteries by default.

The Sport Red Special Edition controller will start shipping to retailers on March 5, and will sell for $70. Microsoft said in an announcement that the controller will also come with two-week trials to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass in “select regions” — Xbox Game Pass is not available in all markets.

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Microsoft has certainly committed to letting players enjoy their games the way they prefer on Xbox One. In addition to the many different standard controllers and the Elite controller, the Xbox One Adaptive Controller is also available.

Designed for use by players whose disabilities would otherwise limit their ability to enjoy games, it features input jacks for every function of a traditional controller. Using these, players can choose how to perform these functions to suit their needs, ensuring they can play alongside those using standard controllers. The Adaptive Controller was highlighted in a commercial played during the Super Bowl on February 3, and it’s compatible with Xbox One, as well as Windows 10 via Bluetooth and USB-C.

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