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Leaked Xbox Series X photo shows ports, suggests less focus on home theater

A photo leaked to NeoGaf by a user named CurryPanda gave our first look at the ports on an Xbox Series X prototype. The photo gained credibility when it was verified as authentic by Brad Sams from Thurrott, a site that specializes in covering Microsoft.

Up front, one USB Type-A port is flanked by a button. A disc drive and Xbox logo are visible as well.

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Around back, two USB Type-A ports are visible, both at least 3.0 based on their SuperSpeed labels. An Ethernet port, HDMI port, and S/PDIF port round out the options. A port labeled with the Xbox logo is clearly for the power supply. There’s also a large, uncommon port which, according to Sams, is “used for diagnostics” and won’t be included on the final hardware.

A cable lock is visible, as well. That’s no doubt meant to keep the Xbox Series X prototype from wandering off and probably won’t be on final hardware. Obviously, it didn’t do its job.

You’ll also note a hole on the top-rear of the Xbox Series X prototype that looks like a handle. This might be used to remove the casing of the console. If so, it also won’t appear on the final version.

The ports shown on the leaked Xbox Series X Prototype are similar to current Xbox One consoles, with the notable exception of the HDMI-in and IR-out ports. Those extras make the Xbox One S and One X capable of controlling and interacting with other home theater devices. They’re not visible on the leaked Xbox Series X prototype. That’s a bummer to anyone who passes video through a current Xbox One console.

Xbox Series X Prototype

Unlike the supposed reveal at AMD’s CES 2020 event, which turned out to be an unofficial render, this photo shows a prototype unit up close and brightly lit, leaving nothing obscured. The rear panel includes a serial number along with the text “Xbox Product Name Placeholder” and “Prototype – Not For Sale.”

Don’t take this photo to be the last word on Xbox Series X connectivity. The console is still months away from its full reveal and won’t arrive until the end of 2020. A lot, or a little, could change between now and then.

Find out more about the Xbox Series X.

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