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How to get the Fierce Deity set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

One of the most fun parts of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is tracking down and wearing the different outfits that are modeled after Link's prior incarnations. There are plenty of new and cool outfits introduced, of course, but sometimes you just want to feel a bit of nostalgia.

For fans of Majora's Mask, you will no doubt want to get the titular mask, but the Fierce Deity set is perhaps even more coveted. This was the most difficult mask to get in the original game, requiring you to trade in every other mask before the final boss fight, and it transformed Link into a fearsome warrior. While it isn't quite as hard to get as before, you will still need some help finding the entire set. Here's where to find every part of the Fierce Deity set in Tears of the Kingdom.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Begin the Misko's Treasure sidequest

How to get the Fierce Deity set

This armor set is tied to a sidequest involving some treasure hunters named Domidak and Prissen. You may have already encountered them in a different sidequest. They can be found by the cliff near Cephla Lake Cave.

Step 1: You'll speak to the pair and learn about all the chests, but you'll find that they can't locate the one with any real treasure.

A map of hyrule showing where to get the fierce diety armor.

Step 2: Feed their nearby dog to have him lead you to the correct chest to open.

Step 3: This will get you the first part of the outfit, the Ember Trousers.

Step 4: This will trigger the "Misko's Treasure: The Fierce Deity" quest.

Step 5: To find the armor piece, go to the Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave.

A map of hyrule showing where to get the fierce diety armor.

Step 6: The room you're looking for is on the southwest side of the central building, which you need to crouch under a hole to reach.

Step 7: Drop into the cave to pick up the armor.

Step 8: For the mask, you'll be going to Skull Lake north of Death Mountain, but warp instead to the Sitsum Shrine.

A map of hyrule showing where to get the fierce diety armor.

Step 9: Leap from this vantage point and glide over the cave so you can fall in.

Step 10: Beware the Stalkoblins and Stalnox inside, and claim your Fierce Deity Mask.

Step 11: Last up are the boots, which are in the Ancient Tree Stump.

A map of hyrule showing where to get the fierce diety armor.

Step 12: Follow the root that grows over the water to a wall of vines you can cut through.

Step 13: Follow the path, climb up some walls, and go through one more wall you need to cut through to reach your last chest.

If you return to Domidak and Prissen and go into the cave with all the fake chests again while wearing the full set, a new door will open with one final prize: the Fierce Deity Sword. Equip it to fully complete your set.

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