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Print your heart’s desire: Enter our giveaway to win a free Monoprice 3D printer

These days, 3D printers have far surpassed being a mere concept of sci-fi movie and show writers. They are here and they aren’t just for laboratories and auto industry manufacturers. Such printers are becoming more accessible to the average person wanting to add an addition dimension to his or her flat sketches.. If you have a design that needs more depth, or if you need to prototype your killer concept, a 3D printer will allow you to bring your artistic and entrepreneurial dreams to life. And while 3D printers have become more accessible — just a few hundred dollars for a quality machine from Monoprice, it’s even more affordable if it’s … well, free.

This week we’re giving away a Monoprice MP Voxel 3D Printer. Monoprice is crushing the 3D printer game right now. Over the past couple years, the company has released a handful of printers that are packed with high-end features that you typically can’t find on an affordable machine like this one, which is priced at only $400. But it’s yours for free if you enter and win our giveaway.

Sure, something as advanced as 3D printers may seem daunting. After all, we got comfortable printing on flimsy tearable paper for so many decades — and even then, many of us struggled with setting up our printers or removing jammed paper. But the future is here, and it’s nothing to be afraid of. To help you get through it, we’ve got a super-simple breakdown of how 3D printers work.

More about the Monoprice MP Voxel

This model is easy to use, especially for beginners, with its simple menu system and touchscreen display. The Voxel includes sample 3D models and filament in case your own concepts aren’t ready. It even comes fully assembled so you can spend more time printing instead of setting up your printer.

The Voxel is equipped with an assisted leveling system to reduce calibration to a single tap. It features 8GB of internal memory for storing 3D models, has a USB port for external hard drives, and can link to your computer through Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has a built-in camera for monitoring print operations.

Enter below for your chance to win!

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