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Track your next ride with two new cycling computers from Garmin

The GPS cycling computer market continues to get more competitive and crowded, with new options arriving on the scene regularly. But Garmin remains the leader in the category and with the release of two new models it’s clear the company isn’t resting on its laurels.

The all-new Edge 130 is a diminutive computer that bucks the recent trend that favors touchscreens in favor of good old fashioned buttons instead. The device measures just 2.5 inches in length and weighs a mere 1.2 ounces, but still manages to pack in an impressive amount of technology.

Its onboard GPS (with GLONASS and Galileo compatibility) allows the Edge 130 to track speed, distance, and changes in elevation. It can also pair with a smartphone to provide text messages, incoming call notification, and weather alerts, while also offering turn-by-turn navigation cues. The device is even compatible with Strava Live Segments, allowing riders to race one another in real time. Battery life is reportedly 15 hours and the computer sells for $200.

Also new to the Garmin lineup is the Edge 520 Plus, an upgraded version of the popular Edge 520. This model offers many of the same features as the Edge 130, plus advanced options for cyclists. Those include preloaded Garmin Cycle Maps, which are displayed on the computer’s bright, easy-to-read touchscreen. Those maps indicate the rider’s location at all times – both on and off road – and can even warn them of upcoming sharp turns and other potential obstacles.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus: Now with Maps and Connected Features

The Edge 520 Plus includes integrated cycling training programs and virtual competitors to race against, while also including Strava Live Segments compatibility. Garmin’s own Connect IQ platform adds widgets and apps for increased customizability of the device, while smartphone connectivity provides alerts and notifications while on a ride. Tracking distance, speed, and duration, among other metrics, are of course part of the program, too. Battery life is 15 hours and the 520 Plus costs $280.

Both the Edge 130 and 520 Plus include compatibility with Garmin’s Varia rearview radar devices. This gadget helps keep riders safe by providing visual and auditory alerts of approaching traffic from as far as 153 yards away. An updated model of the Varia RTL510 has launched alongside these, bringing a new vertical design and a taillight that’s visible up to a mile away. The system costs $200 and also has a 15-hour battery life.

Find out more about all of these products on the Garmin website.

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