Fishing is more like hunting with FishHunter

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Shutterstock / Dudarev Mikhail

It sounds like the title of some new Discovery Channel show, but it’s far better than that. FishHunter is a wireless portable fish finder that measures depth and surface water temperature, and detects fish, helping you figure out where to cast your line.

The device is a downward-facing sonar transducer inside a sealed rubber case the size and shape of a baseball. It transmits info on fish up to 120 feet down via Bluetooth to your Apple or Android device (some of ’em, anyway) up to 80 feet away. It actually has three depth settings ending at 33, 66, and 99 feet, and works best when the range is close to the actual water depth.  So if the depth is 55 feet, you’d choose the middle setting. FishHunter screens There are a few small caveats, of course, starting with the Android support, which is weirdly spotty. According to the company’s site, HTC and Sony devices aren’t guaranteed to work with the FishHunter. It specifically cites compatibility with “North American & international versions LG handsets with Android 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2” as well. Weird, right?

Plus FishHunter isn’t designed to work in really shallow water. The sonar’s beam angle (16 degrees) mean the fish would have to swim right under the device to be detected. It’s actually designed to be more accurate at depth, so six feet is the minimum. FishHunter works between -22 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s good for ice fishing to Caribbean vacations and everything in between. Just make sure the hole stays clear of ice.

One charge takes about two hours and will last between six and nine hours of use. The app itself allows you to add pins to area maps where you can choose to share your location and catches – or maybe just pictures of the catches and keep the rest of your cards close to your vest. It is handy to be able to find marinas, bait shops and other FishHunter users. You can group, rate, and even share fishing spots with other FishHunters if you’re feeling generous. FishHunter There’s other tech out there designed to find the best fishing spots, but usually they’re bigger or and bulkier and more expensive; instead of using an app, they come with their own screens, which adds yet another item to the tackle box. For those out there looking for fish and considering a Humminbird or a Garmin, save some money and space in the tackle box. FishHunter is available for $170.