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VascoPillow wants to take the pain out of traveling with massage and heat

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Getting away for the holidays is always a treat, but the process of getting there … not so much. We’re not just talking about the year of work that you’ve had to endure at the office, but also the long plane or car ride that stands between you and your vacation. And while we can’t help so much with the former, there may be a solution for the latter. Meet Vasco’s new innovative travel pillow, featuring both massage and heating modes.

Vasco, known best for its space-saving travel kits, has returned to Kickstarter to seek crowdfunding for its latest project. Constructed with memory foam, the pillow claims to provide relief from the discomfort associated with travel (at least, as related to your neck). With well over a month left in its campaign, the VascoPillow has already attracted plenty of attention from folks looking for relief during long trips.

“Traveling can be uncomfortable at times, especially when you have to endure long hours in flights or trains. Nothing is more disappointing than arriving at your work or dream holiday destination stressed, tired, and irritated,” the Vasco team noted. “This is where our revolutionary VascoPillow comes in. It’s a cutting-edge travel pillow which is engineered to relieve the usual fatigue and pain that frequent flyers always complain about.”

With its patented memory foam design, VascoPillow purports to keep your neck and back aligned, preventing your vertebrae from grinding against one another. This, the team claims, ought to help reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain, much of which is caused by vertebrae rubbing uncomfortably against each other. And because it’s made of memory foam, the VascoPillow is said to remember your particular neck shape, conforming to your body in a more personalized manner.

As for the massage component of the pillow, the Vasco team opted not for vibration, but rather for a “rhythmic massage pattern” meant to emulate deep-tissue massage. And with the addition of heat therapy, travelers just may be able to get a few hours of rest on a plane, train, or automobile.

The VascoPillow is available on Kickstarter now, and those who pledge $29 are promised a pillow by May 2018.

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