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1More unveils the Colorbuds, a new pair of vibrant wireless earbuds

1More has not one, but two more headphones coming your way soon.

The consumer audio company has announced two pairs of new headphones, the $100 ColorBuds true wireless headphones, and the $50 Stylish Bluetooth Pro headphones. The new products will be launching on July 28 and are available for pre-order on

Here’s what we know about these new buds:

A colorful listening experience

1More ColorBuds

The ColorBuds offer an aesthetic that’s a little bit different than what you might have been used to from 1More products — these buds will be available in Midnight Black, Twilight Gold, Sakura Pink, or Spearmint Green. The color choices are part of 1More’s “aim to bring fashion and audio together” according to a press release, and while these choices may not be for everyone, you have to give 1More credit for going the extra mile.

They’ve got a compact design as well, weighing in at just 4.1 grams per earbud. That’s on par with the lightweight design of the Apple AirPods, which should mean the ColorBuds will be easy to take with you pretty much anywhere.

Big features in a small package

1More ColorBuds

As small as they are, the ColorBuds do have some big-time features. Right off the bat, they have an IPX5 weather-resistance rating, giving them enough protection to withstand workouts and intensive exercise. In a society where most earbud buyers want to be able to wear them anywhere, regardless of what they’re doing, it’s become increasingly important to create weatherproof buds.

The ColorBuds will have six hours of playback in a single charge, according to 1More’s specs. That’s not great, with options like the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ offering double-digit playback times. But for $100 earbuds, it’s an acceptable battery life, especially considering you get 22 hours of total playtime with the included charging case. A case, by the way, that has a quick-charge feature that nets you two hours of playback after just 15 minutes in the case.

Environmental Noise Cancellation technology also makes an appearance in the ColorBuds, with dual microphones meant to “suppress ambient noise so your voice remains crystal clear.” It’s not active noise cancellation, but it seems like it could be solid tech for budget buds. We’ll hold off on making a call, however, until we can test the tech out ourselves.

Expect solid audio quality

We can’t be positive that the ColorBuds will sound good since, as we mentioned, we haven’t heard them yet. But we’ve had enough experience with 1More to give these wireless earbuds the benefit of the doubt: They’re probably going to sound nice.

The buds will use a full-range balanced armature that 1More says will provide less distortion across the entire sound curve. They’ll support Bluetooth 5 technology with codec support that includes both aptX and AAC. Beyond that, the ColorBuds’ sound has been tuned by Luca Bignardi, a Grammy award-winning sound engineer.

What about the other buds?

The cheaper of the two new pairs, the Stylish Bluetooth Pro, doesn’t currently have a lot of specs to speculate about. 1More says they’ll have IPX5 water resistance, with “better battery life” and “fast charging capabilities” as opposed to the original Stylish Bluetooth headphones. We don’t have much more info on these buds, other than the fact that they were also tuned by Bignardi.

1More does have a solid reputation for building great value headphones and earbuds. But as much as we’d like to trust that these new buds will be great, we’ll have to wait until we can test them to say for sure.

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