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Apple goes back to the U2 well with a new VR music video

apple u2 vr music video band
U2 is patient zero for Apple’s experiment with mixing VR and music videos. The band that was the root of a minor gaffe when Apple injected their new album into millions of iTunes accounts unsolicited is back for more, teaming up with Apple Music to create a new 360-degree music video for the track Song for Someone. The video available now on the Vrse app, reports TechCrunch.

For those who don’t have a VR headset, Apple Music is bringing “The Experience Bus” to concerts so that fans can check out the music video in all its glory. With Oculus headsets and Beats Solo headphones on board, the bus immerses visitors into the video, which, of course, features the Irish rock band, along with a handful of musicians who are reportedly shown playing their instruments in the comfort of their own far-flung homes. Apple Music branding is included in the video as well, so viewers won’t forget who to thank for the experience.

According to U2 fansite @U2, The Experience Bus is a double-decker with VR booths upstairs. The site describes the viewing experience as one that makes you feel as if you’re standing on stage with the band while they perform, complete with footage of fans singing along.

Roblem VR tweeted a photo of The Experience Bus, and it looks pretty amazing from the outside.

Those curious about the music video can also watch it on their iPhone. It’s not the same immersive experience, of course, but moving the device around will provide different perspectives. At least U2 fans won’t have to miss out completely.

The Experience Bus and the new Song for Someone music video are only Apple’s latest flirtation with virtual reality. Back in February, the company patented a new headset that seems to be similar to Samsung’s Gear VR. Apple also acquired augmented reality company Metaio just a few months ago. Although we don’t know what the tech giant’s VR end goal is yet, it’s safe to say that the area is very much of interest.

That U2 got in on the company’s latest experiment is no surprise. The band is a well-known Apple favorite, from their silhouettes being featured in early iPod commercials to now.

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