Beats Mixr headphones go neon, exclusively at Target

Beats Mixr neon

The Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones will see a new set of five neon colors hit Target stores exclusively until June 2, at which time they’ll become available from other retailers.

The five neon colors are a bit unique for the Beats line, though they don’t apply to all the different models and variants of the line, only the over-ear Mixr headphones. The Mixr feature 40mm drivers, a dual jack for daisychaining with other headphones and an inline mic/control piece.

The bright new cans went on sale on Target’s website first on May 13, and will hit brick-and-mortar stores on May 19, with the exclusivity deal lasting until June 2. The pink pair will stay on with Target until June 17. After that, other retailers will carry the neon group, though it’s not clear who they will be. Beats Mixr headphones have traditionally stuck to black, white, red or a combination of matte colors. This neon rainbow is a departure from what the previous models look like. Otherwise, the components inside and form factor are identical.

Regardless of color, these light and bright Mixrs will cost $250 each, the same as the regular Mixrs do, so there is no price premium just because you’ll stand out more wearing one of these.

The move does follow SMC’s Street by 50 Cent lineup which featured an expansion of colors that included some bright combinations, including a couple of neon colors.