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This TV changed my life: Epic TV review 2021

Every once in a while, a new piece of technology comes onto the scene that shatters expectations and redefines the way we live our lives. Today, we’re going to look at perhaps one of the most shining examples of just such a piece of technology.

That’s right, it is a TV and video cassette recorder (VCR) and player in a compact, easily transportable unit, allowing for endless hours of entertainment in your garage, bedroom, or as the entertainment centerpiece of your den.

By the way, how’s your den life these days? This could make it better.

It features a 13-inch, high-resolution color CRT display, composite video and audio inputs for connecting next-generation video game devices, as well as an RG-6 coaxial cable connection for connecting a cable or satellite decoder box or the included pair of high-definition antennae.

This unit even includes a headphone jack for private listening so you needn’t worry about waking your loved one while watching the cinematic masterpiece that is Rankin and Bass’ The Hobbit late at night, in the dark.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Of course, this TV is also outfitted with a high-resolution, 1.5-inch paper cone driver for excellent audio fidelity and unmatched dialog clarity. The area to the left is  … just for show. But may I suggest an audio solution befitting the TV’s video fidelity that may include a two-channel stereo solution including some bad-ass, slick-looking speakers and an amp?

It is probably already becoming clear that this entertainment powerhouse is extremely versatile. Not only can you watch The Price is Right and Tic-Tic-Dough free via over-the-air broadcast TV, but you can also watch Cinemax or Nickelodeon via cable television. And if there’s nothing on that you want to watch, head down to your local Albertson’s or video cassette rental shop and bring home your favorite movies without the hassle of renting a massive independent VCR and lugging its big black case all over town.

But the real magic of this unit is its ability to perform something called “time-shifting”

Why should you have to watch the A-Team or Airwolf at exactly 8 p.m. on Thursday night? What if you would like to watch those programs on the weekend? With the Toshiba MV13N3, this is now possible. Simply hit the record button when the program airs or use the handy built-in timer to automate recording, then watch at your leisure. This remarkable unit can also allow you to zip by commercials at over double speed thanks to the revolutionary Fast Forward feature. Congratulations, you just got 20 minutes of your life back. How’s that feel. Pretty good, huh?

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Of course, all this functionality would be worthless if the Toshiba MV13N3 didn’t include a most crucial component: A premium display. I rigorously tested this unit and can confirm it offers inky black levels and delivers up to 104 nits of peak brightness for incredible contrast. This set also covers 92% of Rec. 709 and if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry, you can trust me as an expert in these matters … that is a very good rating.

Combined, these picture elements provide an image that almost seems to leap off the screen. Is it 3D? Hmph. It might as well be.

But wait … there’s more. The Toshiba MV13N3 is uniquely positioned as the premier device for the enjoyment of video games. Due to its exceptionally low input lag, you will never struggle to make that shot, nail that jump, or, in general, Pwn Noobz.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

This device was built for revolutionary game consoles like the Nintendo … something, so the symbiotic relationship between the two is undeniable. This TV will take your gaming to the next level. Like literally, you will be going through several levels on these games, for hours of lag-free, smooth-motion, gaming entertainment.

The Toshiba MV13N3 is clearly a marvel in home entertainment. If you can afford to purchase one, I highly suggest you do. This is no time to be sleeping on the latest in at-home entertainment.

What a glorious time we live in.

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