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Dish Network subscribers can watch college football in 4K beginning Saturday

dish network 4k ncaa college football net
While Dish Network has offered 4K-ready set-top boxes like the Hopper 3 for nearly three years, the amount of live 4K programming available to users has been minimal at best. That is slowly beginning to change, though, and Dish Network’s latest announcement will be an exciting development for sports fans with 4K UHD TVs.

Starting this weekend, Dish Network will begin airing coverage of select NCAA football games on the Fox Sports channel FS1 in 4K UHD. The first game to be delivered in the resolution will be the University of Oklahoma versus Baylor University, which airs at 6:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, September 23.

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Dish Network’s 4K NCAA football coverage is only the beginning of the satellite TV provider’s plans for 4K UHD sports. As a part of this deal, Dish Network has also secured future MLB, NASCAR, and NCAA basketball games in 4K. Previously, satellite provider has also aired the Bellator Mixed Martial Arts pay-per-view event Bellator NYC: Sonnen vs. Silva, and NBC’s Rio Olympics coverage in 4K UHD.

Dish Network isn’t alone in its live 4K UHD sports programming for satellite TV customers. DirecTV has also aired numerous 4K sporting events, including CBS Sports’ 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) stream of the PGA Championship and select NCAA basketball games on Fox Sports Networks. DirecTV has also signed a similar deal with Fox Sports as Dish Network’s, working with the network to bring NASCAR, MLB, and FIFA events to viewers in 4K.

Dish Network subscribers with a 4K TV to complement their Hopper 3’s ability 4K UHD support will be able to watch Saturday’s coverage (provided they have FS1) and all other upcoming 4K sporting events in their programming packages at no extra charge and with no updates required.

Should you be in need of a last-minute 4K TV acquisition before this weekend’s games, check out our list of the best TVs you can buy, which includes several excellent 4K picks. Further, if you’re want to learn more about 4K UHD and how it impacts picture quality, check out our 4K explainer piece which details the technology and gives you tips on how to shop for 4K TVs.