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Disney dishes programming details for its upcoming streaming service

Disney to launch new streaming service
In November, Disney announced that it would be launching its own streaming service, and as a result it would be pulling most of its content from Netflix. While the service isn’t slated to launch until fall 2019, the company has finally started to talk about the type of content we can expect to see on the service, Deadline reports.

The streaming service’s content catalog is being planned and built by a team of executives lead by OTT programming chief Agnes Chu. Chu previously worked on original content for ABC’s digital platforms, and also worked for CEO Bob Iger during the opening of the Shanghai Disney Resort, and more relevant to this service, the relaunch of the Star Wars franchise. The service will at first launch as a domestic-only service, expanding overseas later on.

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The goal for the service’s first year is four or five original movies, as well as five original TV series, not including existing Disney series and movies. Original movies slated to appear on the service include Don Quixote, Lady and the Tramp, The Paper Magician, Stargirl, and Togo. Some movies are already in post-production, including Magic Camp, and Noelle, starring Anna Kendrick.

On the TV side, it seems like we can expect to see a lot of familiar names from Disney’s relatively recent past. Shows slated to launch on the service include series based on the movies Monsters Inc. and High School Musical, as well as a live-action Marvel series and a new series in the Star Wars franchise, which could be announced soon.

If all of this sounds family friendly, it’s because that is the point. Both series and films are meant to be “consistent with the Disney brand,” which means no R-rated films. Instead, R-rated movies will go on Hulu, while Netflix will get to keep its Marvel series, at least for the time being. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is also no word on where content gained in Disney’s recent $52 billion deal to acquire most of Fox may appear.

While Iger announced earlier this week that Disney’s other upcoming streaming service, ESPN Plus, will cost $5 per month, there is still no word on what the monthly price for the Disney streaming service will be.

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