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Google’s updated Fiber TV mobile apps let you record shows from anywhere

Fiber TV box
If you’re fortunate enough to have Google Fiber available in your city but you aren’t a user of Fiber TV, it might be time for another look. Google rolled out new Fiber TV apps for iOS and Android on Tuesday, adding new features and generally making for a better overall experience for users.

The Fiber TV app has already allowed subscribers to watch live and on-demand TV, as well as control their TV via their phone or tablet. The new app, announced in a post on the Google Fiber blog, now allows viewers to play and record TV shows, movies, and sports with a single tap.

Now when users open the Fiber TV mobile app, they will be presented with the newest episodes from their favorite shows right away and can begin watching them immediately. Similarly, the apps also recommend DVR recordings to watch, so you will not be left having to scroll through a list of shows to find the latest recordings you are looking for. Personalized recommendations for live TV are available as well, for both new and old shows, meaning viewers will never have to worry about missing another Twilight Zone marathon.

There is also a new emphasis on sports in the updated apps. Both sports that are currently airing and games scheduled later on are shown, allowing them to be added easily to the DVR queue. You do not need to be near your TV to do this either, so if you are on a weekend trip and realize you forgot to DVR the game, you do not have to worry.

The new Fiber TV app is available now as a free download via the Google Play Store as well as the App Store for iOS devices. Google will be updating the Fiber TV app for TV subscribers “in the coming weeks.”

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