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Hands-on with the bold and beefy Infinity One Bluetooth speaker

Like so many audio companies these days, Infinity has stepped headlong into the portable Bluetooth speaker game with a premium $300 barrel of sound aptly named the Infinity One.

Bearing a striking similarity to the JBL Charge 2, the Infinity One looks like a monster version of the speaker, offering a similar tubular design with bass-busting passive radiators at the sides. As a “premium speaker,” the Infinity One has a snazzier look than its cousin, boasting a ceramic-coated aluminum chassis, accents of shimmering chrome, and an illuminated logo.

A rubberized flap at the back protects the unit’s input panel, and the speaker is also sealed with silicone to keep it water resistant. Inputs include a 3.5mm port for connecting directly to the speaker, both a micro-USB and DC power port, and a USB port for charging your smartphone.

The speaker offers a powerful arsenal of drivers, including dual 1.75-inch drivers at the front, and another pair at the back, joined by those dual passive radiators to reach into the lower register. Total system power is rated at an impressive 25 watts, with a claimed frequency response of 70Hz-20kHz. The battery offers up to 10 hours of runtime, and other features include an on-board speakerphone, and an NFC chip for touch pairing from compatible devices.

The Infinity One offers  a very powerful sound signature, dipping lower into the bass than you’d expect from a speaker of its size. However, at times it appears to be trying a little too hard down low, muffling the midrange a tad and even causing some distortion there as the radiators at the sides buzzed their way into the registers above. Treble is also a little sizzly at times, and we would’ve liked to hear a touch more detail overall for the price.

When compared back to back, the Charge 2 holds its own, though it doesn’t get as low, or sound as full as its premium counterpart. Considering the Infinity One’s size and price tag, those just looking for a portable unch of sound on the go may want to just save some money on the Charge 2, which costs around half the price.

Still, those looking for an attractive speaker with an extremely powerful and full sound signature may want to keep the Infinity One in mind.

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