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Hisense’s latest 4K UHD Roku TV models are big on features, small on price

If you’re looking at buying a new TV and don’t want to have to plug anything into it aside from maybe an antenna, a Roku TV is a great option — and even the 4K models are incredibly affordable. For proof, look no further than Hisense’s Roku TV 4K UHD R7 Smart TV Series, which the company announced on Tuesday, May 8.

The R7 series comes in four sizes: 65-inch, 55-inch, 50-inch, and 43-inch, all of which feature a 4K picture, complete with high dynamic range (HDR) via the HDR10 standard. Unfortunately, you won’t find Dolby Vision here as you will in some other models, but as HDR10 remains the more popular of the two standards, you’ll have plenty of things to watch that benefit from the added contrast and vivid colors HDR brings to the table. The TV even features UHD upscaling to make your older movies look more like 4K.

While some TVs barely focus on audio, the R7 series makes use of DTS TruSurround to make your viewing experience more immersive. The 65-inch model features up to 30 watts of power, while both the 55-inch and 50-inch models feature 20 watts, and the 43-inch features 14 watts.

“Consumers are looking for two things when they’re in the market for a new TV: A design they can be proud to have in their home and a great user experience,” Mark Viken, Hisense USA vice president of marketing, said in a statement. “Hisense is committed to providing TV shoppers with both of these brand promises, and they are at the heart of our 2018 lineup. We’re excited to continue to partner with Roku to deliver their exceptional smart TV platform to our customers.”

The R7 series runs on the Roku TV platform, which offers more than 5,000 streaming channels (other smart TV platforms might call them apps), with upwards of 500,000 movies and TV shows available. The platform’s built-in cross-channel search makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, regardless of what channel it might be showing on, and if it’s rental or purchase, it will even be sorted by price to help you save money.

The Hisense Roku TV 4K UHD R7 Smart TV Series is now available from retailers including Costco and Sam’s Club, and will hit Best Buy stores beginning in June. Pricing starts at $700 for the 65-inch model, with the 55-inch selling for $500, the 50-inch for $430, and the 43-inch for $350. To make sure you’re buying the right TV for you, be sure to take a look at our 4K TV buying guide before you make a purchase.

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