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How to watch Super Bowl 2022 on Xbox

The Super Bowl is set to arrive on February 13, 2022, with kickoff planned for 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT. If you’ve got an Xbox, you may be wondering if you can watch Super Bowl 2022 on your console and how to do it. Good news! Watching the big game on Xbox is easy, whether you have an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or their slimmed-down cousins.

The tricky part is finding out which method works best for your console setup. We’ll go over a few different options, what our favorite pick is, and exactly what you need. You can also check out how to watch the game on your PlayStation console if that’s your go-to console.

Xbox One console and controller.

Watch the Super Bowl with an app on your Xbox

The Peacock TV app.

For most gamers, this is probably the easiest option and our favorite choice for getting the game exactly how you want it without needing any extra accessories or steps. Plus, so many streaming services are compatible with Xbox that you have your pick of which you want to use. We recommend trying the following options.


The Peacock app is NBCUniversal’s own streaming app, so it makes sense that it’ll be streaming the Super Bowl this year. While there is a free tier of the app, the game will only be available on Premium, which is $5 for a month. It’s a good option if you want to get the game and then binge an NBC show (Parks and Rec, The Office, etc.) afterward.

Hulu + Live TV

It’s the largest streaming service in the U.S., so it’s hard to go wrong with Hulu With Live TV. NBC is among the major networks it supports, so the Super Bowl is a no-brainer here. And along with the $70-per-month subscription comes not just the live channels, but the Hulu on-demand catalog, too. And on top of that, you now get the Disney+ Bundle included with Hulu With Live TV.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV’s app has excellent quality and is a great pick if you are most interested in a smooth, detailed streaming experience. YouTube TV normally costs $65 per month, but there is a free trial you can sign up for right before the Super Bowl if you want to go that route.


SlingTV is a similar option to YouTube TV, but with its own interface and content options, including live access to the Super Bowl. Make sure you get a plan that includes NBC viewing and you should be good to go. Plans start at $35 per month, but there is a three-day free trial that you can use just for the game.


This streaming app has a focus on sports and tries to provide the highest-quality stream available based on your location. It’s another option that’s reliable for a quality experience. FuboTV packages start at $65 per month, and there’s a seven-day free trial to kick things off before, well, kickoff.

We suggest trying a few different apps or picking the app you already use. If you’re trying out a new app, you’ll want to create your account and sign in before the big game day — just keep an eye on how long free trials last if you’re planning on canceling after!

Check your bandwidth

One of the downsides to keep in mind with streaming the game is that it will require internet bandwidth, a reliable connection, and enough space left on your monthly plan if you don’t have unlimited internet. This is especially important to remember if you are connected to your Xbox via Wi-Fi and have invited friends over. A bunch of friends with their own mobile devices could put a strain on your Wi-Fi, so it’s important to make sure your internet can handle it.

What about 4K?

If you’re interested in watching the Super Bowl in 4K, we also have a guide on that. While Xbox does support 4K, the game won’t be broadcast in such a high resolution this year — but you can still benefit a whole lot from 4K upscaling and we explain what you need to make that work.

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