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Best streaming services for Super Bowl 2022

The NFL playoffs are underway, and teams are battling it out to see who will represent the AFC and NFC in Super Bowl 2022 in Los Angeles. So, too, rages the battle for the best streaming service for Super Bowl 2022.

If you’re a cord-cutter, you’ve got more options than you probably realize. Many streaming services are showing Super Bowl 56, so you won’t need a cable subscription or an antenna (but if you’re considering the latter, we’ve got you covered, too). And whether you’re accessing them directly through your smart TV or a streaming device, a few of the standout services we recommend are FuboTV, Sling TV, and Hulu +Live TV, which are reasonably priced and all have access to NBC, the official broadcasters of the Super Bowl this year. We’ve got the goods on those and more below.

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When is Super Bowl 2022?

Super Bowl LVI kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Eastern, 3:30 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, February 13 2022, from L.A.’s brand new SoFi Stadium — the city’s third Super Bowl venue after the Rose Bowl and Los Angeles Coliseum. It’s the first time the city has hosted the big game since 1993. The game will broadcast live on NBC; air on NFL GamePass, Sirius XM, and Westwood One; and be available on a number of different streaming services.

When things kick off, you’ll have the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the L.A. Rams. It’s only the third Super Bowl game for the Bengals, who lost their previous two attempts, the most recent coming in 1989. The Rams have had slightly more success, with a win over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXVI in 2000. They’ve since lost twice to the New England Patriots, with the most recent attempt in Super Bowl LIII in 2019.

Best streaming services for Super Bowl 2022

Hulu + Live TV

While not as competitively priced as some others on this list, Hulu + Live TV counts NBC among its major networks, so all subscribers can watch Super Bowl 2022 without any add-ons.

Sling TV

Both Sling TV Orange and Blue packages include NBC, making the Super Bowl available to subscribers. New subscribers can take advantage of free trials to the service, but one thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your particular area has an NBC affiliate to watch the game through, as not all locations do. Most major markets should be fine, however.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV subscribers get all four of the major networks, so all subscribers can also watch Super Bowl LVI.


Like Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV offers NBC in its major network collection, making Super Bowl 2022 available to subscribers. And like Sling TV, it’s not uncommon to find a free trial for FuboTV. Plus, when the Vince Lombardi trophy is handed to the victors of the big game, FuboTV has one of the best line-ups of international sports around, if you decide to keep it.

DirecTV Stream

The new DirecTV Stream counts NBC among its member networks, so subscribers can watch the Super Bowl.


Peacock is NBC’s on-demand and live streaming service, so it makes sense that the company is making the Super Bowl available on the platform. The Peacock Premium option will get you the Super Bowl and is only $5/month.

NFL app

Download the NFL app, and you can watch Super Bowl LVI live in-app.

Yahoo! Sports

Thanks to its partnership with the NFL, the Yahoo! Sports app has allowed NFL fans to stream in-market games all season long. National games, however, were previously not available. That changes, as the app will show the Super Bowl live.

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