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Forget Black Friday: Hurry and buy this 65-inch LG OLED TV while it’s $700 off

Chances are you aren’t reading this on a Friday, and it certainly wasn’t written on one, but you should know that Best Buy has already sprung Black Friday on us early. With the LG 65-inch Class 83 Series on sale now for $700 off, you should know that Best Buy TV deals are no different. The TV, which was $1,700, is now an even $1,000. The best part is that, since this is part of Best Buy’s Black Friday sale, you know you won’t get a better deal on this TV at any point this month. No need to wait or anticipate, you can just buy now.

Why you should buy the LG 65-inch Class 83 Series

The LG 65-inch Class 83 Series is a big step up in TV tech even from the TVs of just a few years ago. Why? Like a lot of things today, it comes down to A.I. Not only does it use an a7 Gen 4 AI processor to upscale TV into 4K, it also uses A.I. to enhance faces and create crisper, easier-to-read text. In other words, it has something for that member of the family who talks ceaselessly about image quality *and* the one that has to squint at the TV a bit more than they used to.

You’ll also see the kinds of stats and hardware you see a lot in LG TV deals posts. You’ve got the 4K UHD (2160p) screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. Then, there is access to both Google Assistant and Alexa, alongside compatibility with HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and many more streaming services. And while we’ve discussed LG’s QNED’s more thoroughly elsewhere, you can be sure that dynamic backlighting will enhance your viewing experience. Plus, there’s a smart, fun remote with plenty of gestures and movements to add to your overall experience.

To get in on this deal of $700 off the LG 65-inch Class 83 Series as part of Best Buy’s Black Friday, you can go ahead and make your purchase now. The TV isn’t going to become any cheaper as real Black Friday approaches. So, unless you’re waiting to see if there are any better 65-inch TV deals out there, getting the LG 65-inch Class 83 Series now for $1,000 instead of $1,700 makes a lot of sense.

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