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Warm up that credit card! LG’s first wave of 2015 4K UHD TVs stretches from $1,400 to $9K

lg pricing availability 2015 4k uhd tvs eg9600 with infill
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LG has finally divulged pricing and availability details for much of its 2015 4K UHD TV lineup. Topping the list is LG’s latest OLED marvel, the EG9600, which replaces what we called “the best TV we have ever seen.” Other additions include new LED models equipped with LG’s expanded color technology, Colorprime, along with LG’s latest standard 4K UHD displays. All of the TVs will be available this Spring.


Good news for OLED fans eager to see some price reductions: prices are coming down, and quickly. Expected to take over the mantle as quite literally the finest TV on the planet, the 65EG9600 undercuts its predecessor by 25 percent (down from $12,000 to $9,000 MSRP) to prove that OLED is slowly but surely making its way down the ladder to attainable status. Like the EC9700 before it, the screen provides “infinite” contrast, perfect black levels, vividly accurate color reproduction, and top-tier 4K UHD resolution. The curved frame is forged from LG’s impossibly thin Art Slim design to look nearly as striking at rest as it does with the screen on.

UF9500 Prime UHD TV

Stepping back down to earth a bit is the flagship of LG’s Prime UHD TV lineup, the UF9500. The series leverage’s LG’s latest advancement in color enhancement, ColorPrime, which allows a wider color gamut and better overall brightness then regular LED-based displays. The system essentially creates a TV that will grow with future content a year or two down the line, utilizing new technologies like quantum dots and phosphor LEDs to provide a “cinema-like” experience.

Other technologies for the UF9500 include LG’s Ultra Luminance tech to improve brightness and resolution, a 4K IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel for a wider viewing axis, and LG’s Prime Mastering Engine to further enhance the picture through digital rendering. While not as thin as their OLED counterparts, the UF9500 series go as low as 8.5mm thick, ranking them among the thinnest LED displays available.

Three new series

LG has also introduced three new standard 4K UHD LED series for 2015 in the UF8500, the UF7700, and the UF7600, which will be offered in a variety of sizes from 43 to 70-inches. All of the TVs will run on LG’s upgraded webOS 2.0 smart TV platform, which adds even more speed and ease of use to what was already our favorite smart TV platform.

And finally, LG will continue to offer its relatively affordable 1080p OLED TV, the EC9300, which, at $3,500, is the easiest way for mere mortals to break into the coveted OLED universe right now.

A full list of the latest wave of 4K UHD TVs from LG is provided below. Keep in mind these prices are LG’s suggested retail prices, so we expect street prices to be a little lower, and drop down as the year progresses.

Series  Class Size Price
EG9600 UHD OLED 65-inch $8,900
UF9500 Prime UHD 65-inch $4,499
UF9500 Prime UHD 55-inch $3,699
UF8500 65-inch $3,199
UF8500 55-inch $2,999
UF7700 70-inch $3,999
UF7700 65-inch $2,999
UF7700 60-inch $2,499
UF7600 55-inch $1,999
UF7600 49-inch $1,699
UF7600 43-inch $1,399
EC9300 1080p OLED 55-inch $3,499

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