LG’s insane 77-inch Ultra HD curved OLED leaves no box unchecked

LG's 77-inch 4K OLED TV

LG has unveiled the biggest, curviest, Ultra HD-iest OLED TV the world has ever seen. For now. 

At IFA 2013 in Berlin, LG unveiled the world’s first 77-inch television, a concept model that proves OLED isn’t stuck at 55-inches anymore. Ultra HD resolution also pays off nicely at a size like 77-inches, making this the one of the most exciting combinations of OLED and Ultra HD technologies we’ve seen so far. And boy does LG know it. 

lg 77 inch 4k curved oled 2013

Television is the technological battleground upon which consumer electronics companies wage their most intense corporate wars. While Samsung chose IFA 2013 as the stage to unveil its largest Ultra HD LED televisions seen yet, LG has taken a different approach, perhaps hoping another “world’s first” will gain the company its fair share of notoriety. That we’re seeing another curved OLED instead of a flat one comes as little surprise, since LG, Samsung and Sony all seem to believe that curved screens deliver more wow-factor. 

No pricing has been announced since this is only a concept TV, but considering LG’s 55-inch, 1080p curved OLED debuted at $15,000, we think its safe to say that, if this TV does make it to market, it will be well above that figure.

We’d draw a parallel to concept cars here, except these concept TV’s have a funny way of making it to production, and in short order, too. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this 77-inch monster under the spotlight at CES 2014. 

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