Netflix unveils dark new House of Cards trailer leading up to Friday’s season premiere

“I’m starting to question all of it, Francis. What are we doing this for?”

Claire Underwood voices new doubts in the latest House of Cards trailer leading up to Friday’s season 3 premiere, and it looks like this season could be the most captivating yet. The outrageously popular Netflix original can’t sneeze on Twitter without drawing headlines, creating its own social media uproar when it was “accidentally” released early on the streaming site for less than 30 minutes. Now the wait is almost over, and it looks like murder and deceit may have taken a toll on the new stewards of the oval office.

In the quick peek, we see the dubious co-conspirators taking their place at the head of the table as the most powerful leaders on earth — and it apparently (and predictably) isn’t going all that well. Frank apparently still has no doubt that their cause is just, murderous and deceitful as the path to power may have been. But even he seems to be losing his cool as the pieces unravel, at one point barking at the camera (and us the viewers), “What are you looking at?!”

We don’t have much else to go on, but there’s no doubt that the stakes reach their zenith in Season 3 of one of the most addictive series on television, promising to prompt that all-too-familiar message from Netflix that let’s you know you’ve been binging too long: “Are you still watching House of Cards Season 3?”