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Netflix is doing something chaotic for 3 Body Problem at CES

Netflix at CES.

We’ve already gotten one surprise announcement at CES 2024 (that’d be LG’s transparent OLED television) — get ready for another. And this one is coming from … Netflix?

It’s the perfect sort of teaser for CES because the Consumer Electronics Show is lousy with tech that never will see the light of day. And sometimes tech that’s never meant to see the light of day. Or tech that shouldn’t ever see the light of day. It’s the sort of environment that’s ripe for ridicule or dark satire.

And that’s the vibe we’re getting from Netflix’s teaser video. It’s 41 seconds of some sort of glossy visor/headset deal, with “Experience a chaotic era” flashed on the screen. It could be fiction. It could be real life. It feels more than a little Black Mirror. But a link in the video kicks over to 3 Body Problem, so it’s pretty safe to say that’s what it is. And this isn’t the first time Netflix has done something like this — Altered Carbon got the same treatment back in 2018.

Regardless, it should be very CES.

There are coordinates listed at the end of the video that point to the Las Vegas Convention Center. We’ll find out more on Tuesday, January 9.


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