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RCA releases 12 new ‘Roku-ready’ HDTV models

RCA TV today revealed that it has a dozen new HDTVs that are “Roku-ready” thanks to each model’s pre-installed Roku Streaming Stick. The 12 new models, which feature screen sizes ranging from 28 to 65 inches, offer convenient access to the Roku Channel Store and Roku’s 1,700 apps and counting.

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RCA TV pursued a novel approach to the integration of Roku functionality. Unlike the first true Roku TVs recently announced by TCL and Hisense, which have Roku software baked in, RCA’s Roku-ready models essentially ship with an onboard Roku Streaming Stick that’s already physically connected to the TV via HDMI. The Roku dongle is protected by a manufacturer-installed covering, so users won’t be able to remove it.

The Roku functions are fully accessible via the TV’s included default remote control, however, ostensibly offering a more streamlined approach than simply connecting a separate streaming device; users won’t need two remote controls to access Roku features, and there’s no installation or separate power supply necessary. The dozen models will ship and arrive ready to stream, meaning you’ll be able to instantly flip to the Roku home screen to begin streaming in any room with a Wi-Fi connection.

One example from this Roku-ready bunch is the 55-inch 120Hz backlit LED LCD Roku TV (LRK55G55R120Q), which features two HDMI inputs, composite and component video inputs, and one USB slot. The TV also has one digital audio output and one left/right audio output shared with the headphone out jack. Below is a list of the 12 different models, which are available today at Best Buy, websites for Walmart and Sears, BJ’s Wholesale Club,, and select regional electronics retailers.

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  • 28-inch class 720p (model LRK28G30RQ, suggested retail price $199.99)
  • 32-inch class 720p (model LRK32G30RQ, suggested retail price $249.99)
  • 32-inch class 1080p (model LRK32G45RQ, suggested retail price $279.99)
  • 40-inch class 1080p (model LRK40G45RQ, suggested retail price $349.99)
  • 46-inch class 1080p (model LRK46G55RQ, suggested retail price $449.99)
  • 50-inch 1080p and 120Hz (model LRK50G45RQ, suggested retail price $549.99)
  • 55-inch 1080p and120Hz, (model LRK55G55RQ, suggested retail price $649.99)
  • 65-inch 1080p and 120Hz (model LRK65G55RQ, suggested retail price $999.99)

TV/DVD combos

  • 28-inch class 720p (model LED28G30RQD, suggested retail price $229.99)
  • 32-inch class 720p (model LED32G30RQD, suggested retail price $279.99)
  • 32-inch class 1080p (model LED32G45RQD, suggested retail price $299.99)
  • 40-inch class 1080p (model LED40G45RQD, suggested retail price $379.99)

With prices sinking as low as $250 for a 32-inch model, these new TVs are a seriously affordable way to get your Roku fix sewn into a new TV. Whether or not they’ll offer enough speed, picture performance, or overall value for your dollar, however, is another question entirely.

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