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Redbox steps out of the kiosk with new on-demand streaming service

Redbox on-demand
Popular kiosk-based video rental service Redbox is stepping out of its shell and onto the the internet, offering an even broader array of films and TV shows via a new internet-based on-demand service which launched in beta today.

Those who are fans of a more physical rental experience have no need to fear Redbox on-demand. The company’s traditional vending machine-style kiosks will remain, though customers will now also have the option to rent or purchase content for streaming. In addition to streaming, purchased content can also be downloaded for offline viewing.

The company has a significant market advantage for on-demand viewers in that it offers numerous films close to their release dates — many of which don’t end up on larger services until later.

“We know consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to subscription streaming services, but no other brand is as closely associated with new-release movies as Redbox,” said Redbox CEO Galen Smith in a press release. “We’ve been America’s choice for new content for 15 years, and we’re excited to offer a new way to watch that provides greater choice within the Redbox ecosystem.”

The new service will also appeal to those who don’t consume a ton of streaming video, and therefore don’t want to pay a subscription fee for Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, among other streaming giants.

“Redbox customers have asked, and today we’re delivering an on-demand option that offers them the best of both the physical and digital worlds,” Smith said. “Redbox provides our customers with choice – the value they want and expect from our kiosks, the instant gratification of on-demand rentals and purchases, and the availability of new-release content, all without monthly subscription fees.”

Renting a film for 48 hours via the new on-demand service will start at $4 for rental, and purchases will start at $10. Viewers can stream content online via the company’s website or via its smartphone apps for iOS and Android, as well as on popular streaming devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku. LG and Samsung smart TVs will also have the Redbox app available to them, and the company says more devices will be added throughout the beta period.

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