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First-generation Sonos One smart speaker prices drop to just $150

Sonos Streaming Music Stereo

The Sonos One is easily one of the most capable, and terrific-sounding smart speakers on the planet. Right now, you can pick up the first-generation Sonos One for just $150 — the lowest price it has been since it launched. Sonos reduced the price earlier this year, from $200 to $180, shortly after the second generation was announced, but now Best Buy has dropped it further, and it’s an outstanding deal.

The Sonos One is not only a great smart speaker, with support for Amazon’s Alexa — and soon, Google Assistant — it’s also the cornerstone of what can evolve into a killer wireless home Wi-Fi sound system. Yes, it’s true that there’s now a second-generation model of the Sonos One, and that it is replacing the first-gen model, but we don’t think that’s cause to hesitate on this deal. The second-gen model has a faster processor, more onboard memory, and the addition of Bluetooth LE, but none of these changes affect how your music will sound, or how seamlessly the original Sonos One will fit into your daily audio routine. Moreover, Sonos has one of the best reputations in the industry for supporting its products on a longterm basis. Every Sonos speaker, or Connect device is still supported and works with every other Sonos product, both new and old. When Sonos eventually adds Google Assistant support, the Sonos One will become the first smart speaker to support both Google and Amazon’s voice assistants, though you’ll have to pick which one you want to use.

If you already own other Sonos components — but none of the newer models like the Sonos One or the Sonos Beam — this is an especially good time to buy: Equipping yourself with a Sonos One gives you voice control over your whole Sonos network of speakers, and it also acts as an AirPlay 2 receiver, meaning you can play movies on an iPad, and send the audio to any (or all) of your Sonos speakers via the Sonos One.

It’s hard to say how long this special price will last. Best Buy is clearly looking to move the remainder of its first-gen stock and we know that Sonos will not be making any more of them. Once they’re gone, you’ll have to shell out $200 for the second-gen models. Given Sonos products don’t go on sale all that often, you might be waiting a while for a price like this to come around again.

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