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Sony announces pricing for three new series in its 2016 4K Ultra HD smart TV lineup

Sony XBR-X800D series
At CES in January, Sony pulled a surprising move, opting out of selling lower-end TVs in favor of an all-premium strategy. It doesn’t look as if the company is reversing that decision, but it is offering new TVs at a lower price without dropping key features like 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

On Tuesday, Sony announced pricing and availability for three new series in its 2016 smart TV lineup. Less expensive than the flagship models released earlier this year, the new XBR-X800D, XBR-X750D, and XBR-X700D series still offer a premium experience and a price tag to match.

Like other TVs in Sony’s 2016 lineup, every TV in the new series is powered by Google’s Android TV platform, offering built-in support for Google Cast in addition to apps like Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube. The TVs also feature Android TV’s Voice Search, making finding something to watch much easier than fumbling with a remote. Android TV also allows communication with IoT (internet of things) devices, allowing your TV to function as the hub of your smart home.

Unlike the other two series here, the XBR-X800D series features HDR support out of the box for a wider color gamut and improved contrast. Two different sizes are available, with the 49-inch class XBR-49X800D selling for $1,500 and the 43-inch class XBR-43X800D selling for $1,300.

The XBR-X750D doesn’t offer HDR out of the box, but Sony says it will be added in a future firmware update slated for later this year. There is only one model here, and it’s the largest of this recent batch of TVs at 65-inch class. The XBR-65X750D is also the most expensive of the new series, retailing for $2,300.

Like the XBR-X750D, the two models in the XBR-X700D are supposed to get HDR support in a firmware update later this year. The 55-inch class XBR-55X700D retails for $1,500, while the 46-inch class XBR-49X700D will sell for $900.

All of these new TVs are available for pre-sale starting now, and will go on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and other authorized dealers.

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