The Next Generation of HDTVs has Arrived

the next generation of hdtvs has arrived productlarge1042

3D TVs aren’t even here yet, and they may already be obsolete. File this under news about the “next big thing”. In a peek at what may be common place a decade from now, the National Association of Broadcasting (NAB show) played host to a new series of TVs that are being classified as “quad TVs.”  The quad TV will offer a staggeringly high resolution of 3840 x 2120 (and up), making it ultra-high-def. That’s roughly four times the number of pixels in a current 1080p picture, hence the name.

This is the is the second of the superscreen televisions to debut this year, with the first coming at CES in the form of a jaw dropping, neighbor-taunting 152-inch plasma HDTV from Panasonic. No prices was announced, but the price tag is likely in the tens of thousands for the moment.  While it is unlikely that these televisions will be adorning the living room walls of all but the wealthiest of people (think oil baron), there are practical commercial applications.  Digital photographers, film makers, and anyone that shoots and captures HD images may want to start placing pre-orders now.

Called a 4K TV, both units will debut first in Korea. No word yet on when U.S. markets will be stocking 4Ks, but the day is coming.