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See something you like? Everything on A&E’s ‘The Way Home’ can be bought

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Don’t just covet what you see on television. Take out your credit card and buy it.

A new show on A&E is betting big on branded content by making literally everything on it something of an advertisement. That is to say, each and every item you see on the new show The Way Home can be purchased from series co-producer Wayfair. Heralded as television’s very first “fully-shoppable” series, the show will feature interior designer Evette Rios and lifestyle expert Megan Colarossi, who will spend the duration of the program chatting about how to “save time and money during home renovations, with segments focusing on do-it-yourself tips, renovations, design, and home makeovers,” AdWeek reports.

It didn’t take long for the show to go from an idea to on the air — as Nancy Go, Wayfair’s vice president of brand marketing, noted: “This show is launching nine months after the idea was conceived. This pace is pretty unbelievable.”

“The Way Home” is currently slated for 10 episodes, and each will follow a different theme, like Black Friday, Christmas, or a more general “organization.” At the conclusion of each episode, viewers can check out online home goods purveyor and see all the products featured on the show.

“There’s been a huge explosion of interest in interior design websites and people wanting to see inside homes, and this plays into that in a big, approachable way,” said Steve Ascher, executive producer, of The Way Home. “We didn’t want this to be solely, hey, here’s a product, and you should buy this. It was all about context and how this can simplify your life.”

He added, “Everything, from the smallest pieces on set to pieces you see in a makeover in a taped package, is on sale at Wayfair.”

So if you see something you like on silver screen, know that you can have it in your home in, well, shipping time.

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