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Tidal is poised to go beyond music and now lets you send video and audio to Chromecast directly

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Fresh off of pulling in a massive number of streams with Kanye West‘s newly released album, The Life of Pablo, Tidal is reportedly looking into adding movie streaming, according to Page Six. Sources tell the publication that the artist-owned service is working to negotiate partnerships that would lead to Tidal original films. And now, that might be easier than ever, given the Tidal now supports Chromecast.

Updated on 7-10-2016 by Lulu Chang: Tidal adds Google Chromecast support 

Thanks to the latest update to the media streaming app, you can now send both your audio and your video content directly to a Google Chromecast dongle. Tidal’s version 1.14.0 for iOS and Android includes the addition of an integrated Cast option that appears in the playback screen. And while your phone remains the default source, you’ll be able to select Chromecast devices from your menu as well (just make sure they’re connected to the same WiFi network).

Original content seems to be a focus for the one-year-old streaming service, as sources say that Tidal is looking to partner with an indie studio or producer on originals. The streamer isn’t expected to put all of its eggs in that basket, though; Page Six also reports that the company will acquire films.

With the streamer’s wealth of talent — its owner coalition includes Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and more — Tidal is said to have plans to tap into artists signed to the service. Although no projects have been announced yet, many Tidal-affiliated musicians have dabbled in film in the past. West has reportedly teamed up with writer Bret Easton Ellis to develop a script, and Jay Z is in talks to produce an upcoming movie. On top of that, Beyoncé has appeared in multiple films, notably 2006’s Dreamgirls, while Rihanna starred in 2012’s Battleship.

Tidal’s road so far hasn’t been a smooth one by any means. The streaming service has dealt with numerous leadership changes, issues with accidental subscription renewals and charges, allegations of unpaid royalties, and more. Nonetheless, the company has pressed on, growing from one million members in September 2015 to a reported three million. Adding movies seems like a move with a lot of potential, especially given the big names Tidal could possibly get involved.

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