Tivo Targets Doctors with Video Offering

Tivo today looks to be targeting physician subscribers with broadband as they’ve started sending out email notices to customers looking for doctors interested in “testing a new feature that allows you to download physician-oriented programs”. The feature is being done in conjunction with Core Medical Publishing, a publisher of “evidence based resources in medicine”.

Doctors who want to sign up for the service must visit a special Tivo Web page and input their Tivo Series2 service number. After the sign up is completed, details on the site indicate that an “educational program on a topic of interest to all specialties” will be downloaded to the person’s Tivo for viewing. Additionally, the viewer will be asked to evaluate the process in a short electronic survey.

Those who participate in the testing will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a free Tivo with one year of service. This feature Tivo is testing is not unlike other video download trial services the DVR company has been doing in recent months.