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The sleek and shiny treVolo electrostatic Bluetooth speaker packs style and substance

We first got wind of BenQ’s treVolo (previously called eVolo) Bluetooth speaker back in October. Though we’ve seen enough portable speakers for two lifetimes, this first ever electrostatic Bluetooth speaker is truly unique.

For those unfamiliar, electrostatic driver technology creates sound by exerting force on a thin membrane suspended in an electrostatic field. Electrostatic drivers are known for their extremely transparent sound and lightning-fast response, thanks to a diaphragm a fraction of the size of standard dynamic drivers. Electrostatic speakers are primarily used in high-end systems designed with audiophiles in mind.

The treVolo has been out for a while now, but we just couldn’t resist checking it out on the showroom floor at CES 2015. We’re happy to report that the speaker looks and feels as elegant and modern in person as it looked in pictures. The exterior of the speaker is crafted from a polished metallic shell that feels as durable as it appears elegant, marked by futuristic rings adorned with a sparkling gold finish. The electrostatic drivers can be collapsed to create a solid cube, or opened up in a gull-wing formation, allowing sound to pour out from the front and back.

During our brief audition on a noisy convention center floor,  we noted impressive performance as the speaker emitted sparkling highs, and suprising bass bravado from its small woofer. We walked away feeling there’s some real potential for quality sound, but the form factor alone might be worth the $300 price point for many. Stay tuned for our full review of the treVolo, coming soon.

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