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BassFit wireless in-ear headphones bring low-end fuel to your workout

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Acclaimed headphone brand V-Moda announced its first purpose-designed fitness headphones. Called the BassFit, the banded wireless in-ears are designed to bring punchy, low-end power to your next workout.

The biggest change between these headphones and the banded wireless in-ears we have previously seen from the company is the use of both ear fins and ear hooks, which means that they wrap around the outside of your ears, and are secured inside them. The company claims this “Tri-Fit” design means that the headphones will remain extremely stable in your ears, even during the most rigorous workouts.

This could be a game-changer for those who hate how much they have to adjust their current in-ear workout headphones.

“As an avid runner and workout enthusiast, I have tried countless sport headphones but always found them to have major compromises on sound, fit, battery life, and reliability,” V-Moda CEO Val Kolton said in a press release. “Our first fitness-focused Bluetooth in-ear headphone is an accomplished dream of heart-pumping sound, unique stability options, and unrivaled comfort, along with industry-leading sweat and weather resistance.”

In terms of sound, it’s no surprise that the new BassFit are designed to offer a deep low-end response, but are still engineered to be punchy and precise, rather than boomy. They feature both aptX and AAC codecs, which means overall audio quality should be high.

They will also go the distance: V-Moda promises an industry-leading battery life to weight ratio, with the 17 gram BassFit going up to 11 hours on a single charge. Those that are forgetful will also love the company has included quick charging, which means that you can get two and a half hours of battery with just a 15-minute charge.

A two-layer nanocoating means that these are among the most sweat-resistant headphones you can buy. They even feature a magnetic closure that will keep the headphones secure around your neck when they’re not in use.

Check out V-Moda’s website for more information about the new buds. We tend to prefer the lighter and more portable true wireless options for workouts these days, but those who want better fidelity and longer battery life should absolutely check out V-Moda’s new offering.

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