Yamaha PDX-B11 is a go anywhere Bluetooth speaker

yamaha pdx b11 bluetooth speaker

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Many wireless speaker makers levy the dubious claim that their wares are “portable”. All too often, though, that’s just because the speaker was made small and runs on batteries. Yamaha had another approach to portability in mind when designing its PDX-B11 Bluetooth speaker. Not only is this thing compact and truly rugged – as in: it should survive the good bit of knocking around that often goes along with portability – but it even includes a handy dandy handle to make it practical to carry around.

The Yamaha PDX-B11 features AAC-compatible Bluetooth technology that makes it easy to connect to a smartphone, tablet or music player, and it can stream music wirelessly from up to 10 meters  distance over the 2.4GHz wireless band. With it, you can also cut the power cord, and get your tunes for up to eight hours on six AA batteries (better factor those into the long-term cost).

It appears to be built well enough to properly kick out the jams, too. Within the unit is a single 4-inch woofer and 1 3/8-inch tweeter, which Yamaha claims work together through an advanced two-way system. While the PDX-B11 isn’t likely to replace anyone’s multi-channel surround sound systems, the key to this speaker is its practical portability, and that makes it worth a closer look.

The PDX-B11 is available to go wherever you do for about $180, plus the cost of batteries.