YouTube Music just ripped off one of Spotify’s greatest features

Whether you’ve been considering which streaming service is right for you, or you’re a die-hard YouTube Music lover, Google’s music subscription service just got a very exciting new feature: Discover Mix.

It’s intended to compete with Spotify’s popular Discover Weekly playlist, which uses algorithms to analyze listeners’ favorite genres of music, artists, and listening habits, and then recommend a new playlist of tunes each week. Discover Mix works much in the same way, using your listening history to suggest new tunes you might enjoy.

YouTube Music’s Discover Mix playlists feature 49 songs and are updated every Wednesday — as opposed to Discover Weekly’s Monday update cycle. The new feature was discovered by 9 to 5 Google and users on Reddit, with one reporting that they had added 32 of the recommended 49 songs to their library — a pretty good hit rate, to be honest.

It makes sense that Google would want to use its vast development resources to improve its on-demand music service. Discover Weekly and other algorithmic playlists have been a big part of the success of Spotify, now the largest music streaming service on Earth, and Google has more experts in the field of algorithmic suggestions than virtually anyone.

Adding its own interpretation of a standout feature from Spotify is a smart move for YouTube Music, and might convince even more mobile users — especially those who already use Google’s Android on their smartphones and tablets — to stick with Google when streaming music on-demand, rather than seek out Apple Music (the most popular streaming service in the United States) or Spotify.

This isn’t the first time that YouTube Music has added a Spotify- or Apple Music-pioneered feature to its streaming service. In August, Google added the “Released” playlist, which is aimed to compete with Spotify’s New Music Friday and Apple Music’s New Music Daily.

The new Discover Mix feature will roll out to YouTube Music subscribers slowly, but has already begun to hit some accounts this week. Look for it in a new section inside the app called “Mixed for You,” next to “New Release Mix” and “Liked Songs”.

There’s even better news for longtime subscribers: The more you have listened, the better the musical suggestions appear to be.

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