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YouTube TV offering up a number of add-ons for $1 for 2 months

Turn on YouTube TV+ today and you’ll find yourself with a pretty decent deal awaiting you. A number of add-ons are currently available for $1 a month for the next two months before they revert to their usual price.

The deal is good on some 22 add-on channels, from ALLBLK and AMC+ to Up Faith & Family and WEtv+.  The full price varies depending on the service — Cinemax is the highest at $10 a month, and Law & Crime the lowest at $2 a month.

YouTube TV add-ons.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

Here’s the list of all the add-ons available for $1 a month for the first two months, and what they’ll cost you after that:

  • ALLBLK: $5 a month after
  • AMC+: $7 a month after
  • Acorn TV: $6 a month after
  • CONtv: $5 a month after
  • Cinemax: $10 a month after
  • Comedy Dynamics: $5 a month after
  • Docurama: $5 a month after
  • Dove: $5 a month after
  • EPIX: $6 a month after
  • Fox Nation: $6 a month after
  • Fandor: $4 a month after
  • IFC Films Unlimited: $6 a month after
  • Law & Crime: $2 a month after
  • Pantaya: $6 a month after
  • STARZ: $9 a month after
  • Screambox: $5 a month after
  • ScreenPix: $3 a month after
  • Showtime: $9 a month after
  • Shudder: $6 a month after
  • Sundance Now: $7 a month after
  • UP Faith & Family: $6 a month after
  • WE tv+: $6 a month after

YouTube TV is presumed to be the second-largest live streaming service in the United States, behind Hulu With Live TV. We last got updated numbers in October 2020, when the service said it had “more than 3 million” paid subscribers. It hasn’t updated us since then, and Hulu With Live TV just announced it was back at 4 million paid subscribers.

YouTube TV costs $65 a month for the basic service, which gets you nearly 100 live (or linear) channels, including your local broadcast affiliates. YouTube TV also is one of the only services to offer any live programming in 4K resolution, though it’ll cost you an extra $20 a month. It also has the optional add-ons listed above, as well as HBO Max ($15 a month), NBA League Pass($29 a month or $200 a year), and sports ($11 a month) and entertainment ($30) packages.

YouTube TV is available on every major streaming platform, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Google TV, Apple TV, various smart TV systems, gaming consoles, and in a web browser.

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