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Amazon has a jaw-dropping deal on a renewed Roomba 860 robot vacuum

Amazon just made a 40% price cut on an already heavily discounted certified refurbished iRobot Roomba 860 a premium-level robot vacuum.

The Roomba 860’s cleaning head automatically adjusts to various types of flooring as it moves from hard floors to carpeting and back, so the robot vac’s brushes can clean effectively and efficiently. With five times the power of base Roomba models, the 860 has a 3-stage cleaning system with power-lifting suction, a side sweeping brush, and tangle-free multi-surface brushes to suck up dog hair and embedded dirt and debris. If you’re in the market for a Roomba with premium features, this deal can help you save up to $180 on an Amazon certified unit that’s already $149 less than a new Roomba 860. Your potential savings compared to buying a new Roomba 860 could be up to $329.

You can schedule the Roomba 860 to clean rooms up to seven times a week or just press the big “Clean” button on the top of the vacuum. When the 860’s battery runs low, the robot vac returns to its docking station to recharge. This model also has a full bin indicator, so you don’t have to keep checking.

The Roomba 860 also comes with a Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier so you can control where it cleans. In Virtual Wall Mode, you can close off whole sections of an open floor plan. Halo Mode is useful for keeping the vacuum away from pet dishes or other items you’d prefer not to have bumped while the vacuum is cleaning your floors.

Short enough to fit under most furniture, the Roomba 860 uses iRobot’s iAdapt Responsive Navigation to avoid walls, furniture, and items on the floor and to stop when it detects a drop off so it won’t be damaged by falling down stairs.

Factory re-manufactured and certified electronics devices can be excellent buys, similar to buying a dealership certified used car. I’ve done both, purchased a certified used car and re-manufactured electronics including computers, keyboards, and printers, saving a considerable amount of money.

In addition to Amazon’s standard return policy, the refurbished Roomba 860 comes with a 90-day refund or replacement warranty if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

New Roomba 860’s sell for $599 and certified refurbished models normally sell for $450. This deal cuts the price to $270 while the sale lasts. If you’ve been shopping for the right deal on a powerful Roomba robot vacuum, this is an excellent opportunity.

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