The best Roomba robovacs of 2019

For a floor that needs cleaning, these are the best Roombas to fit your budget

There is a good reason that the word Roomba has become synonymous with robot vacuum models. We continue to see capable competitors arrive in the market at ever-decreasing prices, iRobot’s Roomba line remains the brand to beat. Few robot vacuums can match Roomba’s extensive array of innovative features and performance. However, they’re also some of the most expensive models on the market, which means you want to make the right choice the first time you buy!

We’ve reviewed dozens of Roomba models to find out which ones perform the best: Our current favorite is the Roomba 960, which offers a fabulous combination of features, performance, and affordability. This year, however, iRobot has launched exciting new models at a range of price points, which are well worth checking out.

Note: Most Roomba models come with a couple of different kit options to choose from if you want to add additional filters or brushes to your package.

iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot Roomba 650

The Roomba 960 model hits the sweet spot between Roomba features and Roomba prices, allowing you to nab an intelligent cleaning bot at mid-tier prices (well, mid-tier for Roombas). The model includes iRobot’s three-stage suction and brush system, equipped with rubber brushes designed to clean both hard floor and low carpets. The brushes flex to make sure they are always at ground level, and the suction system is five times more powerful than older Roomba models. The filter, meanwhile, is rated to trap 99% of dust and allergens (although it’s smart to always have some replacement filters on hand if you run your Roomba frequently).

While the Roomba includes plenty of smart features to navigate, including auto-recharging for its 75-minute battery, it also comes with a virtual wall barrier that you can set up to partition specific spaces if there’s somewhere you don’t want the bot to go. Scheduling via the advanced Roomba app is excellent, but you can also choose to voice command your Roomba if you have an Echo device around the house.

iRobot Roomba 614

Roomba 614

If you like the idea of Roomba scurrying around your home but don’t love the price of iRobot’s leading models, fear not — there’s a robot vacuum for you! The Roomba 614 is priced well under $300 and offers a solid suite of features. Keep an eye on the latest deals and you may be able to pick it up for under $200. Of course, there are some compromises. Twin multi-surface brushes and sensor navigation help this good-value model to autonomously clean your home, but suction power is significantly reduced, meaning this bot may not be the best choice for thicker rugs or carpets. The entry-level vacuum also lacks app control and Alexa/Google Assistant integration. If that’s an issue, you can invest an extra $50 and pick up the Wi-Fi Connected Roomba 675.

iRobot Roomba 980

roomba ecovacs robot vacuum amazon prime day deals 2019 980

The Roomba 980 has been discontinued but, if you’re quick, you may still be able to find stock at select retailers. It’s a more advanced version of the 960 Roomba offering enhanced features. At launch, the price was significantly higher as well but has dropped since our review. The extra-large battery in this model lasts for up to 120 minutes, making it well-suited for larger spaces, and the cleaning system has twice as much power compared to the 960 – ideal for cleaning up larger spills or messy pets. Otherwise, the model includes the top-line smart features you can expect from a Roomba bot, including voice detection, detailed app control, and dirt-detection technology that helps the Roomba spend more time in high-traffic areas.

iRobot Roomba e5

iRobot Roomba e5

The Roomba e5 is a solid mid-range pick. It’s particularly good at picking up pet hair, with a combination of powerful suction and dual rubber brushes that can work equally well on carpet or hardwood floors. It’s equipped with a selection of innovative Roomba features, including automatic recharging, a full set of sensors, and compatibility with both Alexa and Google Assistant. This is all the more impressive when you consider that it’s very reasonably priced for a Roomba model. The battery lasts around 90 minutes on a hard surface. If you have pets and plenty of hardwood that you want to keep clean — and free of pet hair dust bunnies — this is a great and affordable model to use.

iRobot Braava Jet m6

Braava jet m6

The Braava 380t and entry-level Braava Jet 240 were iRobot’s first foray into autonomous floor-mopping and were positive additions, despite the need for regular fill-ups with cleaning solution and a little extra work to set up the accompanying NorthStar navigation cubes. The new Braava Jet m6 seeks to resolve some of the issues and inconveniences that held back those first-generation lines. There’s a fresh design, upgraded mapping, and navigation technology featuring individual room selection, plus improved edge and corner cleaning. The Braava Jet m6 also detects when its battery is depleted, heads back to its charger and then resumes mopping from the same point. App control and support for both Alexa and Google Assistant are also included in the update, and if you also own a Roomba i7 or S9, you can set your robot army to clean in sequence — vacuuming then mopping. While the new model supports both wet mopping and dry sweeping, you’ll still need to invest regularly in iRobot’s disposable cleaning pads for best performance.

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