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You can now track your Amazon packages simply by asking Alexa where they are

Amazon Echo Dot
Another day, another new trick for Alexa. Yesterday, she learned how to track flights and find new trips via Kayak. Starting today, the Amazon Echo, Tap, Dot, or Triby will let you track that package you’re expecting from, well, Amazon.

“If you’re expecting packages from Amazon, there’s no need to grab your phone or computer to get a status update – just ask Alexa when your next package will arrive,” an Amazon rep told Digital Trends via email. “Alexa will also tell you who placed the order and when.”

You just say, “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” or “Alexa, track my package,” and she’ll reply: “A shipment for Jennifer, placed Sunday, May 8, will arrive today.” That’s good news, but what about the order I placed yesterday that Amazon’s online site says is supposed to arrive at my sister’s tomorrow? (Don’t worry, she’s not reading this, and it will still be a surprise.) Alexa didn’t mention anything about that.

It seems this feature has been in the works for a while now. Back in September, an Amazon intern named Ankit Mishra posted a YouTube video of his project, using the Echo to find out where his Amazon delivery was. First, he had to ask Alexa to launch Prime Now, but this new Alexa skill removes that step.

Considering there was already a workaround that involved signing up Alexa for a new skill with virtual assistant EasilyDo, it’s not surprising Amazon wanted to add this capability without users having to jump through more hoops.

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