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The Arbor Video Doorbell gives a full-HD view of your front porch

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Welcome to the 21st century, a time in which you no longer have to go to the door to see who’s there. The latest device to help you cut down on the amount of movement you have to do within your own home is the new Arbor Video Doorbell. Now seeking funding via an Indiegogo campaign, the new Arbor Video Doorbell claims to have the “best and fastest picture, most reliable Wi-Fi connection on the market,” and a quick installation time.

Reliant exclusively on battery power so you won’t have to worry about any complicated wiring, the Arbor doorbell is claimed to last one year on a single charge. And with 700 feet of Wi-Fi support, this is one doorbell that will suit larger homes, as well as more compact abodes.

Once you’ve installed the doorbell, the Arbor promises 160-degree diagonal motion detection across three zones. You can also choose to customize the distance and direction at which your doorbell monitors. All authorized users have the option of receiving notifications on their smartphones to see who (or what) is on their doorsteps, with all content in full HD (1080p with 5x digital zoom). As soon as the Arbor detects motion, it begins recording directly to the cloud, and you’ll be able to see the encrypted recordings at any point from anywhere you’d like. And if you find that a potential intruder is lurking around your door, you can sound an alarm directly from your smartphone, which will trigger the Arbor to play its 110-decibel, built-in alarm system.

On the other hand, if you’d like to chat with whoever is at the door, you can make use of the Arbor’s two-way audio with echo cancellation for easy conversation.

“Everyone should be able to make their home as safe and smart as it can be,” said Arbor founder and CEO Farshad Taheri. “We are delighted to introduce the future of home security in an all-in-one system. Our advanced video doorbell features the highest-quality picture, most effortless installation, and strongest connection. The Arbor Video Doorbell is changing the way people manage and control their homes and it is so advanced, all you need is a door.”

While some other video doorbells require additional monthly subscription fees for content storage, the Arbor will set you back a one-time cost of $199. This price includes the doorbell, built-in alarm, ultra-range Wi-Fi hub (for those aforementioned 700 feet of support), and digital chime. Of course, you should still exercise caution when supporting a crowdfunding campaign. Early adopters should expect their units to arrive this summer, which is when the product will be made available to the broader public as well.

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