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Netgear’s smart Arlo security light finally hitting the market

Netgear nowhas a release date for its new security light, which was first announced late last year as one of the latest products to join the company’s line of Arlo home surveillance devices.

The security light has weather-resistance capabilities that will allow it to stand up to different weather conditions while guarding your home. The light also comes with built-in motion detectors, as well as the ability to change the sensitivity of the detectors. As a warning to would-be intruders and lurkers, the light can flash red when it detects motion. The light can also change colors and reach a maximum brightness of 400 lumens, but most of the time, the light utilizes its battery-saver capabilities to conserve energy while cycling between day and night settings. In other words, when the surroundings are bright, the light saves its energy. Don’t want to think about charging the light? You can sync it up to the Arlo solar panel, which is available for $79 and will ensure your security light never runs out of a charge.

Like many other smart home products, this Arlo light can be controlled hands-free via IFTTT or Alexa. With these integrations, you can program customized automations in sync with your other smart home devices, and you can use voice commands to control the light. You can also use the Arlo home app to turn the light on or off, schedule cycles, and more. For example, you can program the times you leave for work or return from school, and the light will automatically turn on or off at the scheduled times. The Arlo light is also wire-free, eliminating the need to deal with pesky cords and wires.

If you want to get your hands on the Arlo security light, it will be available for purchase beginning May 25. You can get one for $149, two for $249, or three for $349 on Amazon. You will also be able to purchase add-ons, such as camouflage skins and an Arlo bridge.

Arlo first gained popularity for its smart home security cameras. Earlier this year, Arlo announced it will leave Netgear to become its own company.

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