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Some Arlo Ultra customers are keeping the camera after updates address concerns

After a string of bad news about the new Arlo Ultra, some good news has finally come to light: Customers are satisfied with the updates made by the company and many have decided to keep the 4K cameras. Arlo forums have exploded with discussion over the past few days from satisfied customers.

“The difference in video quality from Ultra 4K vs. Pro 2 1080p is amazing. Sound quality vastly improved,” said a user called zincyellowcobra. This user had posted earlier in the week that her Arlo subscription prevented her from recording her security livestream in 4K. 

Another user named brh said: “These are great cameras if you take into account that there are still a few bugs being worked out.” The discussion surrounding the Arlo Ultra is much improved from even just a few days ago, but the cameras still need work to make them the product customers were originally promised.

Arlo’s stock reflected the way customers felt. On Tuesday, it dropped 23 percent after its outlook fell short of Wall Street estimates. Arlo suffered a fourth-quarter loss of nearly $32 million at the end of 2018, and as a result, there is a build-up of products that are not moving as fast as the company had hoped.

The downhill slide of the Arlo’s stock might worry shareholders, but the continual improvements to the cameras bode well for the company in the longer term. If users continue to be satisfied and the Arlo Ultra meets the promises the company originally made, the stock value could improve and more people may begin to invest in the cameras.

Many of the forum users said they chose to keep the cameras because of the 45-day return policy, which means they are willing to give Arlo a chance to correct the problems. Comments like this one by user ItsPlayTime reinforce that stance: “Last week I decided to hold off on returning my cameras to best buy … That said, I’m now 97+% sure I’m keeping them. The team is definitely making progress towards correcting the issues at hand. It’s been about 2 weeks & what a difference already.” This user had also stated their intent to return the cameras and described it as “essentially not functional” during the first few days with it.

PlayTime went on to say, “I can’t stress enough the positive role that communication from Arlo has had on my opinion of the system & therefore in growing my confidence as a customer.”

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